Humana Military’s Operation Family Resiliency

May 13, 2022

Accessing holistic health resources is now easier for military families! Hosted by Humana Military, Operation Family Resiliency (OFR) brings together leaders across military and veteran organizations to collectively share resources and tools that will support our service members’ overall well-being.


MFAN, along with Blue Star Families and Team RWB, joined this collaborative effort to provide a variety of resources and events for service members and their families. This program focuses on prioritizing physical and nutritional health along with mindfulness and sleep tools.



Here at MFAN, we will continue to connect service members, veterans, and their families to the resources they need to navigate all phases of military life. Humana Military is supporting our food distribution for military families in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area on Saturday, May 21 to kick off Operation Family Resiliency. Over 800 families in Hampton Roads will receive food through this event.


Last year, MFAN provided over one million meals to military families in need and is continuing to support families across the country where they need it most. To learn how you can join MFAN in making a difference in the lives of military families experiencing food insecurity, visit


MFAN supports our military community through research, resources, and peer-to-peer feedback to provide necessary assistance. Through Operation Family Resiliency, families will be able to find food distributions, free educational opportunities, connect to resources in their own community, and know that we are working to find long-term solutions for the challenges they face every day.


Blue Star Families strives to support our military community by creating supportive communities and providing resources. Through Operation Family Resiliency, BSF will offer free subscriptions and discounts on apps that support overall mental and physical wellness. Military families can access content through Headspace, receive discounts on healthy groceries through Thrive Market, and fuel their emotional well-being through the playlists of Spiritune.




Team RWB is committed to providing health and wellness opportunities for our nation’s veterans through both in-person and virtual opportunities. As a member of Operation Family Resiliency, they will open their app to users who seek thousands of physical and social events to maintain their overall well-being.


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We’re proud to be a part of this initiative and we are proud to support our military families. This collaboration will strengthen our community, allowing service members, veterans, and their families to live healthier, more balanced lives.


Please note that Operation Family Resilience is available for a limited time now through October 2022. OFR is designed for military families and veterans, however is open to all military supporters.


Questions about OFR? Please contact




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