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Connecting military families to the resources, people, and information they depend on to successfully navigate all phases of military life.

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Share your story and shape the future through our 2023 Military Family Support Programming Survey! Active duty military personnel, National Guard members, reservists, veterans, retirees, spouses, and partners are encouraged to participate.

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2022 Annual Report

In 2022, we reinforced our commitment to military and veteran families by conducting research to better understand their needs, connecting them to resources, and amplifying their voices to inspire lasting change.

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2023 Survey Partner Toolkit

The 2023 Military Family Support Programming Survey is live! Our entire military community benefits when we work together — and every military family member deserves to have their voice heard. Help share the survey with graphics, sample copy, and outreach materials.

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MFAN relies on the generosity of its community to advance its mission and continue to offer support for military and veteran families.

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