10th Anniversary

A Decade of Service

Learn more about MFAN’s impact over the last decade and discover how you can join our mission in the years ahead.

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Since 2013, we’ve made it our mission to understand and amplify the needs of military-connected families and inspire data-informed change. Our progress is a testament to the determination of those we serve and the steadfast support of our partners. And we’re just getting started.

The privilege of a lifetime

A message from Shannon Razsadin, MFAN President & Executive Director

Our 10th anniversary is about sharing MFAN’s journey with you and celebrating the community we know and love. As MFAN has grown and evolved, one thing that has not changed is MFAN’s enduring commitment to understanding the diverse experiences of military families and creating a safe landing for the voices of military family members—ensuring that they are both seen and heard is paramount to us.

Though they do not wear the uniform, the support military spouses, children, caregivers, and other family members provide to those who do is foundational to military morale and readiness. Each experience is important, each is unique, and each deserves amplification.

Our founders made two observations that spurred the creation of MFAN as we know it today:

  1. Military families needed a coordinated approach to sharing their ground truths
  2. Our community collectively needed a better way of reaching military families

In the ten years following, MFAN has become a difference maker for military families and a trusted resource among leaders of the armed services, lawmakers, advocates, peers, and corporate partners.

To all those who have been a part of our journey, thank you. We are honored to work hand in hand with you to serve this most deserving community.



Thousands of military-connected individuals have shared their family life experiences with MFAN to impact millions over the span of a decade. Marquee research efforts include four iterations of the Military Family Support Programming Survey, Causal Factors of Military and Veteran Family Food Insecurity, and pulse surveys on food insecurity, housing crisis, and military moves.

Research & Reports


Through a peer influencer model, the Advisory Board is made up of military and veteran spouses with diverse lived experiences. The heart and soul of our work, advisors give MFAN a fuller understanding of what families truly need and value and provide a direct pathway for decision-makers to connect with military households.

Meet the Advisors


Thanks to our advisors and alumni, coalitions, corporate sponsors, and strategic partners, MFAN has created a network that military families can rely on. Our community brings a unique perspective to both the challenges and opportunities that military families face. Armed with real-time feedback and our trusted research, we work to develop data-driven solutions that create meaningful, lasting change.

Our Network

Military families face unique challenges from employment to healthcare to housing. That’s why MFAN is so critical. We need an accurate, comprehensive picture of military families so that we can make policies that best serve this community.

– U.S. Representative Seth Moulton, Marine Corps Veteran

Food Insecurity

Almost a decade ago, an MFAN advisor shared that many in her community were struggling to put food on the table.

MFAN introduced food insecurity questions into our survey design and began homing in on solutions with private and public partners.

Though the majority of military families are food secure, we must act to reduce stigma, promote help-seeking behavior, and remove barriers to food and nutrition assistance for those who struggle to make ends meet.

Rates of food insecurity among military and veteran families as identified by MFAN’s research:

2017: 15%

2019: 1 in 8

2021: 1in 5

2022: 1 in 6

Why do military families experience food insecurity?

MFAN created a first-of-its-kind study identifying contributing factors to food insecurity: spouse unemployment, growing families, recent PCS move, and unexpected expenses.



MFAN recognizes that we cannot do this work alone. In the fight to end food insecurity in the military, we can accomplish so much more together.

Stemming from our research findings and ground truths shared from our network, MFAN:

  • Formed the Military Family Food Insecurity Coalition for leaders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to work towards data-informed solutions.
  • Created the Combat Military Hunger Task Force with food industry leaders to identify the most efficient, scalable, and sustainable methods of delivering food to the families who need it most.
  • Represented the military community at the historic White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, & Health — the first conference held in over 50 years.

1 Million Meals Challenge

From 2021-2022, MFAN and our partners hosted food distributions across the nation to provide relief to food insecure military families. Communities like Fort Cavazos, Texas, Fort Liberty, North Carolina, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, Hampton Roads, Virginia, and Joint Base San Antonio saw an outpouring of support in times of need.


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In 2017, our research and Advisory Board shared poor conditions and experiences in military housing. By 2019, MFAN fielded a privatized military housing survey, where a resounding 17,000 families responded in one week.

By 2020, MFAN convened the first Military Housing Roundtable meeting and continued to propose data-informed solutions. We elevated the issue to a national stage, testified in congressional hearings, and briefed leaders, advocates, and peers.

From 2020-2021, the first-ever Tenant Bill of Rights was created under the Military Housing Privatization Initiative. A universal lease and dispute resolution process were implemented shortly after.

MFAN continues to work with stakeholders and government officials at every level to ensure affordable, available, and safe housing for military families. We continue to promote the well-being of military families and advance quality of life initiatives in areas like Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) improvement.

Empowering military families, together

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