Throughout your military journey, you may call many houses “home.” We’re here to help you navigate both on- and off-base housing.

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Military Housing Statistics

MFAN asks military families what they value and why they choose to live on or off base. Explore our research and military housing statistics.

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Privatized Military Housing

From the tenant bill of rights to navigating challenges with your home, explore MFAN’s resources on privatized military housing.

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Allowances & Entitlements

Military housing allowance, Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), is calculated based on rank, location, and whether a service member has depende…

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Living Off-Base

Everything you need to know about military off-base housing.

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MilMap: Connect to community & find support

Let us connect you with the organizations, programs, and events that help you navigate military family life.

MilMap can help you find support for your military move, resources for kids, employment support, health and wellness information, crisis resources, and much more.

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