Photo of Shannon Razsadin

Shannon Razsadin

President and Executive Director

Shannon is a Navy spouse, mom, and champion for military and veteran families. Shannon’s leadership, authenticity, and focus on collaboration …

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Photo of Delia C.L. Johnson

Delia C.L. Johnson

Vice President of Operations

Delia Johnson is a nonprofit executive, social justice advocate, and systems-level thinker. As Vice President of Operations, she is a champ…

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Photo of Ericha Hernandez

Ericha Hernandez

Director of Finance

Ericha joins the MFAN family with over 15 years of experience in finance, accounting, and office management, while focusing on the nonprofit s…

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Photo of Maura Angel

Maura Angel

Operations Manager

Throughout Maura’s career, she has held various roles in the nonprofit sector. Her background is in fundraising, event planning, and project m…

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Photo of Janice Walton

Janice Walton

Director of Programs

Janice Walton joins the MFAN team with over a decade of experience as a program and people management leader in the corporate, non-profit, ed-…

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Photo of Erin Kahn

Erin Kahn

Senior Manager of Programs

Erin Kahn is an active duty Marine Corps spouse with a background in non-profit program and product management.

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Photo of Tracy Thede

Tracy Thede

Programs Coordinator

Tracy joins MFAN with more than 30 years of experience supporting the members of our armed forces and their families through her work within b…

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Photo of Anna Clark

Anna Clark

Outreach Coordinator

Anna Clark is a Navy spouse with three beautiful children and hails from the Oklahoma-Kansas border.  She has been married to her Sailor for 2…

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Photo of Gabby L’Esperance, Ph.D.

Gabby L’Esperance, Ph.D.

Director of Insights

Gabrielle L’Esperance is a qualitative researcher and program evaluator who is passionate about magnifying diverse populations’ voices through…

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Photo of Shanna Smith, Ph.D.

Shanna Smith, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Research

Throughout her career, she has held various roles in partner and community relations, marketing, and communications. She specializes in event …

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Photo of Kate Clavijo, Ed.D.

Kate Clavijo, Ed.D.

Associate Director of Program Evaluation

Kate Clavijo has more than 20 years of experience conducting evaluation and applied research, in a variety of areas: education, housing, homel…

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Photo of Jackie Trent

Jackie Trent

Data Analyst

Jackie graduated with her master’s degree in Criminological Research from the University of Cambridge. Her master’s dissertation focused on ex…

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Photo of Jessica Luckhardt, Ph.D.

Jessica Luckhardt, Ph.D.

Data Analyst

Prior to her 15 years in the secondary and higher education classrooms, Jessica worked with AmeriCorps non-profits: City Year Detroit, Teach f…

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Photo of Kimberley Nicholson, Ph.D.

Kimberley Nicholson, Ph.D.

Data Analyst

Kimberley Nicholson is a graduate of Cornell University with a Ph.D. in Education.  A social scientist with more than 20 years’ experience, Ki…

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Photo of Kristen Beattie

Kristen Beattie

Director of Advancement

Kristen leads a team that builds and stewards lasting relationships with individual, corporate, and foundation partners who believe in MFAN’s …

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Photo of Paul Bland

Paul Bland

Development Manager

As MFAN’s development manager, Paul plays a critical role in supporting fundraising and stewardship, including prospect identification and res…

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Public Affairs

Photo of Derek Doyle

Derek Doyle

Director of Public Affairs

Derek leads the creation and implementation of MFAN’s external-facing communication strategies – including content creation, media relations, …

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Photo of Alexandra Meyers

Alexandra Meyers

Associate Director of Communications

As Associate Director of Communications, Alex is responsible for MFAN’s creative portfolio, including storytelling, content creation, digital …

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Photo of Lina Irizarry-De La Cruz

Lina Irizarry-De La Cruz

Community Outreach Coordinator

Lina Irizarry-De La Cruz is an Army Veteran spouse. She currently lives in North Dallas, Texas.  

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Photo of Valentia McVey

Valentia McVey

Graphic Designer

Valentia McVey is the founder of FatCat studios and designer extraordinaire with a vast skillset in publication, graphic, and web design.

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Meet Team MFur

Photo of Lucy Razsadin

Lucy Razsadin

Meet Lucy. Shannon was on the search for a small dog she could carry up the stairs to her third-floor office. Now, Shannon carries her lab-gre…

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Photo of Maxwell Razsadin

Maxwell Razsadin

Maxwell Razsadin is a great dane, german shepherd, hound mix and a high-energy ball of love.

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Photo of Maury Johnson

Maury Johnson

Meet Maury! True to his golden retriever roots, you will often find him running towards you with a ball in his mouth. He loves to lay at your …

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Photo of Mowgli Meyers

Mowgli Meyers

This 100lb gentle giant loves to spend time sunbathing, playing outside with his favorite basketball, and cuddling with his best friend, puppy.

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Photo of Duncan Doyle

Duncan Doyle

Meet Duncan. A true designer mutt, Duncan is a Schnoodle – half schnauzer, half poodle. He likes ice cream more than any canine should and he …

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Photo of Sofie Bland

Sofie Bland

Sofie is full of sass and will let you know when she needs more attention! A truly fantastic feline, Sofie wants everyone to know that you owe…

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Photo of Jax Bland

Jax Bland

Jax is quite the character! He knows how to put on the charm and spends most of his energy playing with his favorite toy – a shoestring.

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Photo of Baker Kahn

Baker Kahn

Baker Kahn brings a passion for herding kids and chasing squirrels to Team MFUR.

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Photo of June & Patton L’Esperance

June & Patton L’Esperance

Meet June and Patton, the best companions that Gabby could ask for.

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Photo of Journey Clark

Journey Clark

Meet Journey. Journey came to Amanda and her husband as an epic first-time foster fail from a rescue shelter in Long Island.

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Photo of Lu Angel

Lu Angel

Meet Lu Angel. Maura’s rescue husky was a COVID rescue, who just turned celebrated his 2nd birthday!

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Photo of Rocky Trent

Rocky Trent

Surocco (‘Rocky’) is a half-Freisian mare that has been with Jackie for all of her life. Rocky and Jackie used to compete in show jumping and …

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Photo of Lola and Ameila Thede

Lola and Ameila Thede

Meet Lola & Ameila, two adorable Old English Sheepdogs! Always the center of attention, these two are forever present in their mom’s offic…

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Photo of Tuco Hernandez

Tuco Hernandez

This is Tuco, Ericha’s small but mighty 1 year old mini schnauzer. He’s got 4 human siblings that keep him on his toes and in shape. Functions…

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Photo of Kuume Walton

Kuume Walton

Kuume Walton is a Rhodesian Ridgeback whose name means “friend”; he is truly our family’s best friend. Goofy, loving, brave, and loyal are a f…

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