Employment, Education, & Entrepreneurship

MFAN is committed to providing the information and resources to help you identify employment opportunities, pursue your educational goals, and achieve your career aspirations.

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Resources are available to support those in the military and their spouses who are exploring entrepreneurship programs.

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Military Spouse Employment

MFAN assists with military spouse employment by connecting spouses with employment opportunities and career advancement resources.

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Military Spouse Scholarships

Military spouse scholarship opportunities are available from both private organizations and federal programs.

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Fast-Tracking Military Spouse Careers

Military spouse employment is an important aspect of financial readiness and overall family well-being. This webinar shares the resources that military spouses can use to help them enter the job market, learn new skills, or change careers.


MilMap: Connect to community & find support

Let us connect you with the organizations, programs, and events that help you navigate military family life.

MilMap can help you find support for your military move, resources for kids, employment support, health and wellness information, crisis resources, and much more.

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