Photo of Shannon Razsadin
Chief Executive Officer

Shannon Razsadin

Shannon is the spouse of a recently retired service member, mom, and champion for military and veteran families. Mrs. Razsadin’s leadership, authenticity, and focus on collaboration have earned the trust of the military community and set MFAN apart as an organization focused on delivering data-driven solutions.

Shannon Razsadin [RAZZ-UH-DEN] is a nonprofit executive, commentator, and communications strategist.

As MFAN’s chief executive officer, she is an advocate and national spokesperson for service members, veterans, and their families.

Shannon is a subject matter expert on the military-civilian divide, family well-being and preparedness, financial readiness, food insecurity, housing, and more. Mrs. Razsadin is a regular contributor to AP, CBS Evening News, CNNFox, NBC, NPR and other global-reaching media entities. She has delivered thought-leadership remarks to higher education, Fortune 500, research and policy, and military audiences.

Mrs. Razsadin currently serves as a member of the Department of Defense’s Military Family Readiness Council, a congressionally-mandated advisory committee that reports to the Secretary of Defense in order to review, evaluate, and monitor DoD’s military family readiness policies, programs, plans, and initiatives. She also holds several leadership positions with military- and veteran-service organization coalitions.

In September 2022, Shannon spoke on a panel at the historic White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health ­— ensuring military and veteran families were included in the Biden-Harris Administration’s national strategy to end hunger by 2030.

Shannon is known as a bridge-builder. Her collaborative approach to solving the critical, evolving issues facing military families has been embraced by elected officials, military leadership, and private sector partners alike.

Prior to MFAN, Shannon served as Director for Reingold, an award-winning strategic communications and marketing firm, as well as Program Coordinator for The George Washington University.

Shannon received her B.A. from Merrimack College and her M.A. from George Washington University. She resides in Newport, Rhode Island with her husband and two children.