State of the State: Texas

November 20, 2020
Military Family Advisory Network’s (MFAN) research over three years revealed that an alarming number of military families face food insecurity. One in eight survey respondents in 2019 reported experiencing food insecurity. Our data showed that survey respondents in Texas were experiencing higher frequencies of food insecurity among national respondents, with one in six families struggling to provide enough food for their families.
Just as military family experiences and needs vary by location, so too must our response to those needs. Finding a solution will only come from diving deeper into the research, convening partners locally, and committing ourselves to finding the root causes of this issue.
On November 19th, our president and executive director, Shannon Razsadin; senior director of research and program evaluation, Dr. Shelley Kimball; and deputy director of research and program evaluation, Dr. Jennifer Hurwitz led an hour-long discussion with Q&A sharing our State of the State of Texas Report. You can read the full report here.
To learn more about our efforts to combat military family hunger in Texas, click here.