Welcome to MFAN’s Blog!

October 10, 2013

Welcome to Military Family Advisory Network’s (MFAN) blog. MFAN advisors—spouses, caregivers, veterans, and partners of veterans and service members—have a lot to share, and we’ll use this blog to:

  • Raise important issues affecting military families, and provide these families with valuable resources.
  • Share how MFAN and our advisors are supporting military families.
  • Respond to events that touch the military community.

We represent the spectrum of military families: those living on base and off; those with spouses deployed and at home; and families of active duty service members, reservists, and veterans. Our collective expertise encompasses a range of topics that shape the lives of all military families, including our own.

On this blog, we’ll emphasize wellness, education, and employment—and how military families can thrive. We view these three critical issues, along with all of the challenges and benefits that define us, through the military family lens. We’ll write from our own experiences and those of military families we know.

We hope this blog is helpful. We welcome your ideas and feedback—so please share!

As always, thank you for your service.