Photo of Kristina Johnson

Kristina Johnson

Kris Johnson graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree and certification in both Special Education-Learning Disabilities and Regular Elementary Education from Mount St. Mary College in 1987. She taught school at Fort Bragg Schools until 1990. She has attended multiple military spouse leadership courses. She was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army Reserves in 1987 and is a graduate of the US Army Airborne School. 

She is an advocate for military spouses and families who find themselves in jeopardy of losing access to military retirement pay and benefits in the event of service member misconduct. Her efforts have led to a Bill being introduced to the National Defense Authorization Acts of 2015 and 2016, though the “Families Serve Too, Military Justice Reform Act” has yet to pass. The Bill would allow a courts martial jury to properly punish the lawbreaking retirement eligible service member, without fear of financial repercussions on the innocent family. 

Kris has received numerous awards and recognitions for her 25+ years of volunteer service to her military communities, to include the Commander’s Award for Civilian Service, the Commander’s Award for Public Service, the Department of the Army Outstanding Civilian Service Medal, and the Molly Pitcher Award. Kris currently lives in Fayetteville and serves as the Military Affairs Specialist for Congressman Richard Hudson, representative for the North Carolina 8th Congressional District.