Photo of Kristine Schellhaas

Kristine Schellhaas

Kristine Schellhaas has spent nearly two decades with her Marine husband. Her journey, as told in her award-winning memoir “15 Years of War” (2016), has provided inspiration for countless others in the military community.


In 2009, Kristine founded and launched USMC Life to give Marine Corps families moving between duty stations a way to connect. In six years, she transformed USMC Life into a marketable business with organic website traffic of 2 million visitors a year. In January 2015, Kristine sold USMC Life to Bright Mountain Media Inc. She remains the website’s editor-in-chief.

Kristine and her husband, Ross, a recently retired active-duty Marine, have raised three children, endured five wartime deployments, and moved 13 times over the course of their military marriage.

She and Ross currently reside in the Pacific Northwest with two of their children and their dog.