Financial Health Statistics

Exploring military and veteran family finances is a core research priority for MFAN.

In the 2019 Military Family Support Programming Survey, a series of qualitative and quantitative questions explored the topic of finances in depth. Our research showed:

  • More than half of military and veteran families are unprepared for a financial emergency, such as a significant loss of income.
  • Among active-duty military families, 27.4% of respondents had less than $500 in emergency savings or no emergency fund at all.
  • Nearly one-fourth of respondents (23.5%) provided responses that demonstrated they had no practical or viable plan of action in the event of a financial emergency.
  • The top three barriers to saving money were identified as inadequate income (24%), cost-of-living factors (12.4%), and factors related to children or child care and education (11.4%).

Visit the Research & Reports page for more details on MFAN’s research findings on financial topics for our military family communities.

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MFAN 2019 Military Family Support Programming Survey

Our most comprehensive Military Family Support Programming Survey to date, including data on debt, emergency finances, food insecurity, health care, and mental health among active-duty and veteran families.

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