2013-2015 Advisor Testimonial: Claire Woodward

June 08, 2015

“At our first in-person meeting of the MFAN advisory board, I looked around the table at a few familiar faces. Other names were familiar, or I knew them by reputation, but this was a group that felt different from the outset. It was certainly not the “first rodeo” for most of us, but collectively we chose to not let the salt of our experiences stop us from rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. Egos and agendas were nonexistent. We knew we had an opportunity to do things differently — to focus on creating a conduit that would help connect military families to the programs and resources that they needed, as well as empower them to create a sustainable military life. As a group, I admire and respect each of the advisors. We often call upon each other, outside of MFAN, when in need of good counsel or specific expertise. This collaborative environment has been a satisfying, and productive experience, and I am proud to have been a part of it. Forging a path for military families in a rapidly changing landscape requires innovative, fearless folk — and MFAN’s advisory board is up to the task.

Take action. Make an impact. Apply today.”

– Claire Woodward, 2013-2015 MFAN Advisor

About the Author

Claire Woodward

Claire Woodward is a Marine Corps spouse, the founder of MPower, and a two-term MFAN advisor. Her passion lies in building a community to help…
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