Helping you achieve your goals

February 17, 2015

Education, employment, and wellness are three areas where we pledge to focus our time and energy — but we often find ourselves too overwhelmed to know where to start. That’s where MFAN comes in.


The MFAN advisors have compiled a list of education, employment, and wellness resources whose authenticity and quality they stand behind and turned them into easy-to-read animated guides. Before you head over to the resources tab, check out the guide below:



Continuing your education will benefit many areas of your life, including employment and wellness. Knowing where to start is often the biggest challenge, so we suggest you begin by defining what you want from your education: A degree? A job? A promotion?


The education guide breaks down the application process into four steps and covers a wide variety of topics, including setting goals, applying for financial aid, and transferring credit.



The challenges military spouses and families face can make finding a job seem impossible. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Our four-step employment guide will teach you how to promote yourself and use your military experience to your benefit.



It’s important to find wellness in all areas of life, so we have divided wellness into five categories and developed custom criteria for each one. Before you can help your family be well, you must first achieve wellness for yourself.


The next time you start to feel overwhelmed by daily stresses, consult our wellness tree to put everything into perspective.