Panel Discussion

Housing America’s Military Families

April 07, 2023

In March 2023, MFAN President & Executive Director Shannon Razsadin participated in a panel discussion hosted by the Bipartisan Policy Center. The conversation focused on the causes and repercussions of high housing costs on military families and highlighted proposals to ensure military families have access to affordable, equitable, and safe homes.




John Hughes
Senior Vice President, Government & Industry Relations, USAA

Shannon Razsadin
President & Executive Director, Military Family Advisory Network

Jessica Strong
Senior Director of Applied Research, Blue Star Families


Moderated By

Francis Torres
Senior Policy Analyst, Terwilliger Center for Housing Policy, BPC


According to MFAN’s 2021 Military Family Support Programming Survey:

Housing Burden

69.2% of active duty family respondents carry the burden of paying more than they can comfortably afford for housing


59.4% of active duty families living off-installation pay more than $251 beyond their housing allowance monthly for housing expenses


  • Answering FAQs on Housing America’s Military Families – Bipartisan Policy Center: For the two-thirds of military service members who rely on the civilian housing market, recent polls and surveys show that finding and affording housing is increasingly difficult. 
  • The Case for BAH Restoration: Military families need access to housing they can afford. MFAN suggests that fully restoring the Basic Allowance for Housing to 100 percent across the board, and a comprehensive analysis of how rates are set, would be a meaningful step in the fight against economic insecurity.
  • Housing Research One-Pager – MFAN: Our 2021 Military Family Support Programming Survey illuminates the housing experiences of service members, veterans, and their families.
  • 2023 Military Family Lifestyle Survey – Blue Star Families: This survey provides a comprehensive understanding of the unique issues that affect military families and offers crucial data to inform national leaders, local communities, and philanthropic actors as they work to support military and veteran families.
  • Advice & Resources for Homeowners – USAA: Know what to expect when buying or selling, owning, maintaining, and insuring a home.


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