Thursday Three is Here!

June 25, 2020
Earlier this week, MFAN shared the findings of our 2019 Military Family Support Programming Survey during an exciting, virtual event presented by Cerner Government Services. This event represented the culmination of a tremendous amount of effort by so many people – starting with you as opened your hearts and with courage and truth, shared the stories of your military family lives.
We learned about what keeps you up at night, what support you need, what brings you joy as a military family, and everything in between. And we’re able to share what we’ve learned to inform the people, places, and policies that can affect change.
In other words, this is really important work we’re talking about. (MilitaryTimes covers the survey release and some key data points here.) So important in fact, that in this special edition, we’re rolling out a one-time only Thursday 6 and dedicating this whole issue to our findings.

Executive Summary

There have been six topic-specific releases of survey data that we share below. If you’re short on time, you can find a high-level summary of the full survey report here.

Full Report

But we highly recommend you grab your favorite beverage and tuck in with the full report. You’ll find yourself surprised, encouraged, frustrated, better informed, and maybe a little less alone in this military family journey.
One last thing before we dig in. Our intention in fielding this study wasn’t just to learn more. It was to do more. This data is most actionable when it’s in the hands of the people taking action. We encourage you to share it!

Food Insecurity

We take an in-depth look at hunger in the military community and at participation in free and reduced-price meal programs. Learn more here.

Finances & Emergency Savings

Many military families are financially unstable and not prepared to navigate a financial crisis. Learn more here.
Uniformed Couple with Baby

Loneliness & Isolation

We examine why it’s important for people to feel connected to their community and what happens when members of military families experience loneliness. Learn more here.

Uniformed Parent Holding Baby

Mental Health & Telehealth

How does mental health affect military family members, what crisis resources do they have access to, and what role does telehealth play in mental wellness? Learn more here.

Parent and children looking at Naval ship

Intimate Partner Violence

How prevalent is intimate partner violence in the military and veteran community, and how does the community experience and perceive such violence? Learn more here.

Uniformed Couple Hugging

Military Moves

We explore the many stressors that military families face when moving, especially financial strains. Learn more here.
Uniformed parent with child and moving truck

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