Hidden Helpers Coalition Impact Subcommittee

In addition to research, MFAN also adds rigor and trust to our program evaluation services — supporting not only our programs but those of our community. In 2021, MFAN was called on to join the Hidden Helpers Coalition, a group of military and veteran organizations that are taking action to fill the gaps in support and services for military caregiver children and youth. Powered by Wounded Warrior Project, MFAN became a co-lead of the Hidden Helpers Coalition Impact Subcommittee in 2022, engaging with the coalition leadership to develop four Theories of Change.

In this role, MFAN established evaluation best practices, built a consensus around coalition goals, developed roadmaps for three subcommittees, established a measurement system to capture outputs, and most importantly, strengthened relationships with individuals across a range of organizations.

The team also designed, piloted, and fielded the 2022 Hidden Helpers Coalition Output Survey. The goal of this survey was to measure coalition member outputs across wide-ranging membership organizations. Outputs are evidence that the coalition and grant-funded activities were performed as planned. The findings of this survey provide a critical background for evaluation moving forward, as they are intended to lead to changes that benefit hidden helpers.

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