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For media requests or inquiries about MFAN, please contact:

Derek Doyle, Director of Public Affairs | 202-821-4195 ext. 114

About MFAN

The Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN) envisions a world where all military-connected families are empowered to thrive. Our mission is to understand and amplify the needs of military-connected families and inspire data-informed change.


MFAN’s Chief Executive Director, Shannon Razsadin, is the spouse of a retired Navy service member, mom, and champion for military and veteran families. Shannon’s leadership, authenticity, and focus on collaboration have earned the trust of the military community and set MFAN apart as an organization focused on delivering data-driven solutions.


Data and research

Research is the cornerstone of MFAN’s work, ensuring that data drives much of the organization’s decision-making.

We use our research and subject matter expertise to inform members of the press, policymakers, Pentagon officials, and advocacy and education organizations on the matters valued most by military and veteran families.

MFAN’s research is unique because we learn from the stories and lived experiences of military family members through a rigorous, highly qualitative design.

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We are military families

Through our research and constant ear to the ground, MFAN has uncovered some of the most pressing issues facing our community. This has earned us the trust of those we serve, our peers, and government leaders. That trust comes with responsibility; one that we carry with pride. In the years ahead, the needs of military families will evolve — and MFAN will too.

Alleviating Food Insecurity

No military family should have to worry where their next meal is coming from. But for 1 in 6 military and veteran families, that’s the reality. In 2021, we distributed 1 million meals to military families in need. Take a behind the scenes look at one of our food events in Norfolk, Virginia. Visit to learn more.


In the News

MFAN’s work has been covered in national and local print, broadcast, and digital news. Whether we’re discussing our latest research, introducing the public to the modern military family, or weighing in on military families’ lifestyle, we’re committed to responsibly representing military families based on what we find in our research and what we experience firsthand.


CBS Evening News: 1 Million Meals Challenge

CBS Evening News profiles MFAN’s research on food insecurity among military families and our efforts to prevent it.

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NPR: Military Families in Privatized Housing ‘Afraid To Come Forward,’ Survey Says

NPR reports on the dangers in private military housing for thousands of service members’ families, according to the Military Family Advisory Network’s 2019 survey.

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Stars and Stripes: Military Families Not Having Enough Food is a National Security Issue, Report Says

The key factors that make up military life were found to be significant contributors to food insecurity for military families and could hinder the ability of the armed forces to recruit and retain troops if it isn’t addressed, according to two reports released from MFAN.

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