Photo of Annette Maldonado

Annette Maldonado

Annette Maldonado is a leading expert in workforce development, emphasizing in curriculum design. Currently, she is a public servant in the Federal government, performing as the Program Director for a leadership developmental program to increase cross functional collaboration in an inter-agency environment across the 24 CFO Act Agencies. She is also a senior advisor in IT workforce development for the Chief Information Officers Council. In the last ten years, she has held a variety of positions ranging from Financial Manager for the Department of Defense to program coordinator in Higher Education. 

In different volunteer roles, she has served as the chapter lead for the Hiring our Heroes Military Spouse Professional Networks for in the National Capital Region, Tampa, FL and Montgomery, AL. She is also a Board Member at The Other Side of Service. In January 2017, she completed V-WISE Phoenix, an entrepreneurship program from Syracuse University. 

Annette has been a military spouse for more than 15 years, including seven state-side relocations, four deployments, and many changes in careers. The “Maldonado Team” is currently stationed in the Washington, DC area; including her husband, an active duty air force Civil Engineer Officer serving overseas, and her eight year old daughter. In her free time she runs half-marathons, attempts CrossFit, and embrace the local cuisine.