Photo of Brianna George

Brianna George

Brianna George is a Coast Guard spouse and dedicated volunteer with a strong background in communications and business. A military spouse of more than a decade, she devotes much of her time to ensuring military and government families feel supported in their communities. Specifically, she has a passion for improving employment opportunities for military spouses and veterans. 

She was elected the 2018-2019 All Spouses Club President. She immediately immersed herself in fundraising, event planning, and coordinating with MWR colleagues and active-duty members to provide local military and government families with the support, education, and morale needed after such a trying and demanding time. As ASC President, she promoted mental and physical health within her community, and continues her volunteer service by bringing awareness to military spouses’ careers. 

Brianna is committed to ensuring spouses gain the confidence, knowledge, and tools to feel empowered in the workplace. Most recently, she co-hosted a professional workshop that focused on building dynamic resumes, honing networking skills, and marketing the benefits of hiring a military spouse to prospective employers. She believes military spouses are a hidden resource with extensive and varied skill sets that will be an asset to any business. She and her husband are currently stationed in Puerto Rico and are helping to rebuild her new community after recent hurricanes.