Photo of Jimmy Anderson

Jimmy Anderson

Mr. Anderson is an Associate Partner at IBM Consulting and has spent over a decade in uniform.

Jimmy served in the Biden-Harris Administration as Director of Veterans Engagement, Office of Public Engagement in the White House. He was a key voice in translating the President’s policies and messages to veterans and military-connected constituency groups and was instrumental in leading the Administration’s outreach efforts to raise awareness across the American public around the PACT Act.

He previously served as the Deputy White House Liaison and Special Advisor to Secretary McDonough at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Anderson has spent over a decade in uniform and continues to serve as a Captain in the Air Force Reserve at the Pentagon. He first enlisted in the Air Force at 18 and served on active duty for three and a half years before transitioning to the Air Force reserves and attending undergraduate school on the GI Bill. He later returned to active duty as an Air Force intelligence officer.

He is a Term Member with the Council on Foreign Relations and was a Fulbright Scholar. Jimmy is a South Carolina native.