Photo of Kyra Mailki

Kyra Mailki

Kyra is a Department of the Air Force civilian employee currently working as an installation resident advocate in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She has previously served in various operational and administrative roles for both statewide and national nonprofits and local family support organizations, and as a government contractor. She holds a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Management and Leadership.


Kyra is a firm believer in community service and, like many military spouses, is always looking for opportunities to give back to the community through volunteer efforts both on and off the installation. Over the years, Kyra has regularly volunteered with fraternal organizations, animal welfare groups, military spouse clubs, student support organizations, scouting, and military family support programs.

Kyra’s experience with military family life spans several decades and across multiple branches. In addition to being a spouse, she is a military brat and a military mom. This experience has proven invaluable as she works to support service members and their families in all stages of the military life cycle.