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Photo of Megan Brown

Megan Brown

Megan is an Army spouse currently residing in Georgia.

Her areas of passion are:

  • Supporting military families in their transition to civilian life
  • Reducing barriers to un- and under-employment for military spouses
  • Seeking to enhance resources to support food security
  • Ensuring accessible healthcare for military families
  • Ensuring access to safe and affordable housing

Megan is a military spouse and mom of three. She thrives in situations where she can think strategically and problem solve. Megan is passionate about finding intentional and meaningful ways to support the military family, whether it’s related to employment, education, or any boundary that impacts the military community’s quality of life. Through her career journey, she has worked on reducing state licensing barriers for veterans, was a leader in the development and implementation of a world-wide government pilot program that supports transitioning service members and their spouses, and has volunteered to support military families on installations through the FRG.

Megan has been a part of a military family for over 10 years.

She and her family have experienced multiple deployments and have moved to six different duty stations, with some moves occurring within the same calendar year. Megan’s family have had an opportunity to live coast-to-coast and serve in the nation’s capital.

Megan is passionate about the service member and their family’s transition to civilian life and is focused on reducing barriers to under- and un-employment for military spouses. Megan supports a multi-faceted approach to providing better transition and employment outcomes for the military community. Examples are affordable and reliable childcare, fully remote work opportunities, food security, safe and affordable housing, and accessible healthcare.

Megan loves to read, be outside, and pretend that she has a green thumb. One of her favorite things is a morning cup of coffee when the house is quiet.

Megan, her husband Matt, and their three kids, Jack (6), Blair (4), and Beau (2), enjoy going to the beach and playing outside as much as possible.