Photo of Melissa Comeau

Melissa Comeau

Melissa Comeau is a Marine Corps spouse, director of the American Red Cross’ Military Veteran Caregiver Network, and a writer. She is known for her book “Sleeping with the War,” published in 2015 by the War Writers’ Campaign. The book offers a family and caregiver perspective on life after combat.


She served as an Arizona Fellow for the Elizabeth Dole Foundation and in that role was honored to help bring to fruition the Hidden Heroes Congressional Caucus for Military and Veteran Caregivers. She is a recognized advocate for the military and veteran community and continues to support caregivers in her current role with the American Red Cross’ Military Veteran Caregiver Network.

Before joining the network, Melissa served as the executive director of Lives of Promise, a San Diego-based nonprofit that supports military families facing a PTSD diagnosis. She has also offered peer support to Marines and their families at the Wounded Warrior Battalion – West.

Melissa has a background in accounting and IT project management. She lives in Texas and is married to a U.S. Marine who was medically retired after nearly 13 years of service, including four combat deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan.