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Photo of Roteshia Sanders

Roteshia Sanders

Roteshia is an Army veteran and the spouse of an Army retiree currently residing in Texas.

Her areas of passion are:

  • Addressing food insecurity within the military community
  • Ensuring access to affordable and safe housing
  • Helping teens receive the necessary school credits when their families move to new duty stations
  • Serving as a voice to amplify the stories of military families

Roteshia is an Army veteran of eight years. She has served in both active duty and the reserves, with two tours in Iraq for Operation New Dawn and Operation Enduring Freedom. In addition to her own service, Roteshia’s spouse is an Army veteran of nearly 22 years. Mrs. Sanders is a graduate of Upper Iowa University and Central Texas College.

Throughout the past decade, Roteshia has held various roles centered around supporting others such as the Fort Polk School Liaison Representative for the Garrison Command Group (where she earned Volunteer of the Year), Key Caller for 10th Mountain Brigade, ACS Program Assistant, Vice President for the Parent Advisory Board, Middle School Teen Youth Program Representative, Honorary Vice President for the Family Readiness Group, and Community Outreach Chairperson. In addition to these roles, she spent much of her time supporting local non-profit organizations, mentoring youth, and advocating for local women and children’s shelters.

Service is engrained within Roteshia. She comes from a long line of service members as her grandfather served in WWII and her father was a Marine. She has lived in four duty stations and has completed two deployments.

She is passionate about hunger within the military, affordable housing, and ensuring teens receive their necessary credits and sports lettering while moving during high school. She seeks to support fellow veterans and military families by providing them with the resources needed to live a comfortable life. Roteshia always aims to be a voice for those who may not know how to speak up for themselves.

In her free time, she loves reading and watching old black and white western shows and movies. Things that fill her bucket are being an advocate for others, helping those who are struggling, and serving as a positive role model to young ladies and women who look like her. Roteshia and her husband are currently raising two children and adulting two.