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The MFANetwork is only made possible by our “boots on the ground” allies — local organizations, corporate sponsors, and individuals — who share our mission of serving those who serve. Learn how you can support military families by becoming a donor, community partner, or sponsor.

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We owe it to service members and their loved ones to work together. At the end of the day, military families do not care who support comes from, but that their family has the tools needed to thrive.

– Shannon Razsadin, MFAN President & Executive Director

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Make a tax-deductible gift to further our mission of delivering low-stigma, barrier-free support to military families who need our support.


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If you are an organization that supports military families stationed at Fort Cavazos and would like to share information about MFAN’s PCS Pantry Restock Box or become a distribution partner, we’d love to hear from you!


Spread the Word

Our Distribution Partner Toolkit has sample language and promotional materials for you to share the PCS Pantry Restock Box program with families who have recently moved to Fort Cavazos.

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Solutions to Military Families’ Greatest Challenges

We believe that through smart partnerships, we can make one plus one equal three. We’re honored to have incredible partners doing this work alongside us. At the end of the day, moves are difficult and we’re all here to make it a little easier for military families.

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Is your company or organization interested in exploring sponsorship opportunities? Do you have a program or service to help make the MFANetwork more efficient and scalable? Join our diverse coalition of public, private, and nongovernmental leaders who are making an impact in the lives of military families through the MFANetwork. 

Contact Kristen Beattie, director of advancement, at

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MFAN and our partners are connecting military families like yours to the support they need and getting at the root of issues in our community.

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