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Mental Health

Mental health issues are on the rise in America, and mental health care providers are in high demand. For many military families, accessing mental health support can be a challenge.

MFAN’s 2019 survey of military and veteran families showed that about half felt satisfied with the ease of making mental health care appointments.

Across all demographics, families pointed to a lack of available appointments as the top obstacle they faced in obtaining mental health care.

The COVID-19 pandemic — with periods of physical distancing and isolation, plus elevated unemployment rates and financial challenges — has put the mental health of our military and veteran families at increased risk.

At MFAN, we are committed to connecting families to available resources and support, whether online or in person.


Support for Children

Moving frequently, starting over in new schools, making new friends, spending time apart from a deployed parent — these challenges can affect children differently.

If your child needs mental health support, you can seek the following resources.

  • The Military and Family Life Counseling Program offers nonmedical counseling to support military children facing a range of challenges, including low self-esteem, behavioral issues, and changes at home.
  • Sesame Street for Military Families offers tools and resources for parents and children facing the possible ups and downs of military life, including how to handle birthdays, family homecomings, and grief.

Access to Mental Health Care & Opportunities for Telehealth

Only half of survey respondents felt satisfied with their ability to access mental health care appointments.


Find Resources

Military OneSource

The Military and Family Life Counseling Program offers nonmedical counseling worldwide, addressing issues concerning relationships, stress management, parenting, grief, and much more.

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Give an Hour

The organization offers a national network of licensed health providers to provide mental health care to active-duty service members, National Guard members and Reservists, veterans, and their loved ones.

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Veterans Crisis Line

If you are a veteran in crisis or are concerned about one, connect with qualified responders from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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