Moving & PCS

DITY, or Personally Procured Moves

Opting for a DITY Move

Military families may choose a full or partial do-it-yourself (DITY) move for important reasons. You may want to have more control over your belongings, or you may be unable to find movers. Also, the government will pay you the amount it would have spent had it moved you. For some families, that may mean you get to keep the difference. But there’s a catch if you choose to do a DITY move: You will have more out-of-pocket expenses, so it’s important to budget accordingly (check out our budgeting tips and tricks). In some cases, you can be paid up to 60% of your moving costs in advance, but you must check with your individual service to understand the guidelines and requirements.


Preparation Is Key

Preparing for your move can feel daunting, but try to avoid procrastinating. The more you plan, the fewer headaches you will have later. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Check out Military OneSource and contact a move counselor to discuss your Personally Procured Move (known as a PPM) or DITY move.
  • Decide if you are going to do a full or partial DITY move.
  • Fill out the move checklist. This is a helpful guide that can help you make sure you aren’t missing any critical steps.
  • Complete the DITY application (this is a must!).
  • Save all receipts and documentation. They will be required for claims and reimbursements.