MFAN’s 2023 Survey

Raise your hand if you’ve ever…

November 29, 2023

Friends of MFAN,


Raise your hand if you have ever…


  • experienced the pride and opportunity associated with service in military life 
  • stressed over your career upon hearing the phrase, “It’s time to PCS.”
  • struggled to find support thousands of miles away from the familiar
  • worked to strengthen your relationships with your civilian family and friends
  • navigated the complex competing demands of serving as a caregiver

I’ve been there. I understand. The good news? MFAN understands too.  


I’m Dr. Shanna Smith and I serve as the Associate Director of Research for the Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN). And like many of you, I am military-connected. I am a proud military child, sister, and spouse.  

At MFAN, research is the cornerstone of our work. We learn from military families — like YOU — all about the unique opportunities and challenges that you face. The stories and lived experiences you share catalyze change – leading to new programs, policies, and resources for military families of today and tomorrow.  


I am writing to ensure you don’t miss your chance to take the 2023 Military Family Support Programming Survey.


Sit down with a cup of coffee and carve out 30 minutes to tell us about your journey through military life. The survey will be closing soon and only comes around every two years, so don’t miss your opportunity to leave a lasting impact!  


If you’ve already taken the survey, THANK YOU! Would you please share it with your networks using our partner toolkit?


Share your story. Shape the future.  

Who do you take the survey for?

As Military Family Appreciation Month comes to a close, the easiest and most impactful way to support fellow military family members is to use your voice for good. Visit to get started.


About the Author

Shanna Smith, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Research
Dr. Shanna A. Smith, CTE, CTA is an applied qualitative researcher who manages MFAN’s research portfolio. During her time with MFAN, she…
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