Smooth Moves: Child Care Resources for Your PCS Journey

July 06, 2023

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Moving to a new duty station as a military family brings a laundry list of tasks and challenges. Among the top concerns is finding reliable child care that suits your needs.


That’s where Operation Child Care (OCC) comes in. Created by a military spouse who experienced the frustrations of navigating outdated and unreliable resources, OCC seeks to simplify and streamline your child care search during your next permanent change of station (PCS).


Exploring Military Child Care Resources:

When it comes to child care options, OCC’s website is a goldmine of information. Specifically, the Military Child Care Resources tab provides a wealth of content tailored to your specific branch. Let’s dive into the example of Army families to illustrate the subsidized and unsubsidized care options available.




Subsidized Care:

Army families have access to subsidized care options such as the on-base Child Development Center (CDC), Family Child Care (FCC), and civilian child care through the Child Care Aware subsidy. Each option is conveniently accompanied by direct links to their respective login or sign-up pages. OCC ensures that you don’t waste time chasing dead ends or outdated information.


Unsubsidized Care:

For those who prefer unsubsidized options, OCC has got you covered too. You’ll find listings for licensed daycares or centers and links to nanny/au pair advice. To make your search even more efficient, OCC provides a link for each state, allowing you to conduct a comprehensive search of all licensed centers near your new duty station.


Comprehensive Child care search for norfolk, Virginia:

If your PCS takes you to Norfolk, Virginia, OCC offers an exceptional child care search feature tailored specifically to that region. By accessing the Child Care Search section of the website, you can input a few demographic responses and unlock the first comprehensive search tool designed for military families. Within seconds, you’ll discover your options and eligibility, thanks to OCC’s innovative stoplight system.


The Stoplight System:

OCC’s stoplight system uses color coding to determine your access to subsidized care based on the demographic information you provide. Red highlights indicate limited access within six months, yellow suggests possible access within six months, while green signifies likely access within the same timeframe. This ingenious approach empowers you with valuable insights, saving you time and frustration.


Refining Your Search:

As you scroll down, OCC allows you to further refine your search based on providers that accept state or military subsidies. This ensures you can explore options that align with your financial needs and preferences. Moreover, OCC’s commitment to monthly data updates ensures that you always have the most accurate and up-to-date information at your fingertips.



Detailed Facility Information:

Once you identify the facilities that meet your requirements, OCC provides you with their contact information, direct messaging links, and even the option to schedule tours if available. What sets OCC apart is its inclusion of recent violations reported to the state licensing board. This invaluable feature saves you the time and effort of researching each facility individually, offering peace of mind and transparency.


Addressing Child Care Deserts in Hampton Roads, Virginia:

The Hampton Roads region in Virginia poses unique challenges for military families when it comes to child care. Recognizing this, OCC goes the extra mile by offering the first nanny referral agency exclusively for the Department of Defense (DoD) community. Staffed entirely by DoD-affiliated family members, this resource serves as a lifeline for families in a child care desert, where limited access and waitlists are notoriously long.


As you prepare for your next PCS, Operation Child Care is here to support you every step of the way. Regardless of where your military journey takes you, their dedicated staff is ready to address any questions or uncertainties you may have about child care options. Remember, their information and assistance are always provided free of charge. Let Operation Child Care be your trusted companion, ensuring that your child’s well-being remains a top priority throughout your move. With their user-friendly website, up-to-date resources, and unwavering commitment to serving military families, Operation Child Care supports our troops by supporting their families.

About the Author

Kayla Corbitt

Founder & Owner, OCC

Kayla is the founder of Operation Child Care and a military and child care advocate.