PCS Prep: Home Sweet (Temporary) Home

July 06, 2023

Over sixty percent (61.0%) of those surveyed in MFAN’s 2021 Military Family Support Programming Survey live in off-base housing. When asked the reasons for not living in military housing, respondents cited poor living conditions, lack of military housing availability, preference to home ownership, more privacy, and not the kind of home desired.


We know that one of the biggest decisions a military family makes during a PCS (Permanent Change of Station) is whether to buy or rent a house. How do you navigate a housing market in constant flux and assess your family’s home needs? What are the basics of a VA home loan? Should you purchase a home knowing you will PCS in a few years? What are some tips for finding a rental home?


Moving in the military can be overwhelming but we’re here to help.


In our latest webinar, moving and housing experts (and MFAN alumnae) Kellie Artis and Erin Ward equip service members and their spouses with the information necessary to make an informed decision throughout a PCS.

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Erin Kahn – Senior Manager of Programs, Military Family Advisory Network



Kellie Artis – COO, MILLIE


Erin Ward – CEO, HRVA Homes powered by Keller Williams Realty


learning outcomes

  • When searching for a home, finding the right realtor is an important decision and military families should feel confident in their choice. Service members and their spouses should feel comfortable interviewing multiple realtors to gauge their knowledge of military programs, support, and resources that can help throughout the home buying process.
  • It is important for each family to consider their unique circumstances when making a housing decision. Factors like resale or rental potential can come into play when purchasing a home that you may not live for more than a few years.
  • Know your rental rights! Review the rental company, have discussions with the landlord, and research tenant protections.


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