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Research & Reports

MFAN's 2023 Survey Is Open!

Every two years, we field the Military Family Support Programming Survey to better understand the lived experiences of service members, veterans, and their families. This trusted national study provides rich insight into the support needs of military-connected families and serves as a catalyst for programs, policies, and resources.
June 01, 2022

2021 Military Family Support Programming Survey Results

Research report sharing a comprehensive review of the support needs of our nation’s military, veterans, and their families.

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Causal Factors of Military and Veteran Family Food Insecurity

Research report sharing the causal factors of military and veteran family food insecurity in Texa...

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Food Insecurity Among Military and Veteran Families During COVID-19

This survey analyzed how COVID-19 impacted military and veteran families’ abilities to get enough...


2019 Military Family Support Programming Survey Results

Our most comprehensive military family support programming survey to date, including data on food...

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