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Learn more about the MFANetwork and find curated resources to support your military family’s health and well-being.

Built off MFAN research on military family economic security, the MFANetwork is a four-pillar program that holistically addresses military family well-being through collaboration. The PCS Pantry Restock Box is one part of this program and is currently only available in Fort Cavazos, Texas.

Below we have curated a collection of resources aligned to our four pillars, which are designed to support military-connected families during the many phases of their military journey. We invite you to explore the resources on this page. Come back often, we’re continuously adding new content.

Healthy Bodies: Supporting the physical and mental health of the whole family

Pharmacy Benefits for Busy Military Families

TRICARE has pharmacy benefits that allow beneficiaries to easily and securely manage prescriptions electronically.

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Where Do You Turn For Help During a Deployment?

Whether it’s the first deployment or fifth, it’s never easy. Learn how to access support during periods of separation from your service member.

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Finding Fitness Support As a Military Spouse

Military spouses have access to a variety of gyms, fitness classes, and spouse clubs that can help them achieve their goals no matter where their latest PCS move lands them.

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Webinar: The Road to Wellness

Experts from the American Red Cross Military and Veteran Caregiver Network share mental health resources and services that can be used by your entire family.


Women in Wellness

MFAN celebrates the women who are leading the charge in transforming the military health landscape.


Armed Forces Wellness Center with Nicole Leth

Fort Belvoir Armed Forces Wellness Center shares how Armed Forces Wellness Centers help improve lifestyle and health outcomes for service members and their families.


More on Health & Well-being

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Healthy Families: Navigating the resources needed for growing families

Smooth Moves: Child Care Resources for Your PCS Journey

For many military families, finding quality, affordable childcare is one of the first tasks in any PCS move. Learn more about Operation Child Care and how their user-friendly website and up-to-date resources can help make this process easier for your family.

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Resources For Military Caregivers

Rachel Moyers, MFAN advisory board alumna, shares her experiences as a caregiver during her spouse’s transition to medical retirement and provides resources to others who may find themselves stepping into a caregiving role.

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Marriage Tips From Military Spouses

MFAN Advisory Board members share resources and real-life examples of how they have successfully faced the stressors military life can put on their relationships.

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PCS Season For The Military Homeschooler

Military homeschooling advocate Natalie Mack shares tips on how to support your homeschool students and manage the logistics of a homeschooling PCS.

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Post-PCS: Four Ways To Connect To Your New Community

MFAN Advisory Board alumna Ali Simon shares the ways she finds connections with the non-military community outside of the installation.

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WIC for Military Families

The Special Supplementary Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (better known as WIC) is a federal benefit program designed to support the health and wellness of your growing family. Learn more about the program and specifically how it applies to military families with these short videos and downloadable infographics.

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Free And Reduced School Meal Program

Learn more about how your family can access free or low-cost meals at school.

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MilKid’s Corner: Resources for Children in Times of Change

Former school administrator and MFAN Advisory Board member Mychael Willon shares resources to help children manage the challenges of military life.

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Webinar: Keeping Your Back to School Cool

Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) and Exceptional Families of the Military (EFM) help military families navigate the transition to a new environment during PCS and back-to-school season.


Child Care Aware with Sheena Parrish

An Air Force spouse and Accredited Financial Counselor shares how Child Care Aware of America works with a national network of child care resource and referral agencies to ensure that all families have access to quality, affordable child care.


School Liaison Offices with Natalie Mack

Did you know that military families who homeschool can access support from their base’s School Liaison Officer (SLO)?


Purple Star Schools with Mychael Willon

Purple Star Schools help military kids feel welcomed, connected, and supported as they navigate a new school environment. An Army spouse and retired educator unpacks the benefits of the program and shares how you can encourage your school to join this important network.


Exceptional Families of the Military with Dr. Jennifer Bittner

PCSing can bring about unique challenges for EFMP families. Dr. Jennifer Bittner provides tips and tricks to set you and your family up for success when moving.


Healthy Homes: Supporting families through military moves

VA Home Loans – Understanding Your Benefits

Buying a home can seem intimidating. Learn the ins and outs of the home-buying process with the benefit of VA home loan.

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‘Tis the [PCS] Season

PCS moves are inevitable and preparing can be overwhelming. Learn more about how you can plan ahead to help make your move easier.

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DITY, or Personally Procured Moves

Considering moving yourself? Take the stress out of the move by planning ahead.

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Reimbursement & Claims for Lost or Damaged Items

You’ve arrived at your new location. While unpacking boxes, you discover your lamp is broken and the shade is missing. Learn about the reimbursements you qualify for and the next steps in the claims process.

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Webinar: PCS Prep: Home Sweet (Temporary) Home

During PCS season, many military families face a tough decision: buy or rent? MFAN alumnae Kellie Artis (Millie) and Erin Ward (HRVA Homes) provide tools to help you make the best housing decision for your family.


Webinar: A Guide for the Modern Military PCS

MFAN’s network has shared the challenges that families face with each PCS. Learn how to handle the unexpected and where to turn for help in your new community.


PCS Support for Military Families with Kellie Artis

An MFAN alumna and COO of MILLIE shares important policy updates that help make PCSing easier for military families, like increases to Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE) and the dislocation allowance (DLA).


More on PCS

Planning your next military move? Let us connect you with the information and resources you need for a successful move.

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More on Housing

Before putting out the welcome mat, learn the pros and cons of both on and off-base housing.

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Healthy Futures: Financial support now and planning for the future

From Boots to Boss: Entrepreneurial Resources for Military Families

Owning a small business can be an exciting opportunity for military spouses and service members transitioning from military to civilian life. Learn how to get started with your small business plans.

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OCONUS Career Resources for Military Spouses

Moving to an OCONUS duty station can be challenging for military spouse employment but there are many resources and opportunities that are available to support your career and education goals while overseas.

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Military Spouse Employment Through Transition

The transition from military to civilian life is a family affair. MFAN Advisory Board alumna and Second Service Foundation Executive Director Lauren Hope shares how you can prepare for transition as a military spouse.

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New Year, New (Financial) You

Enhancing your financial well-being can take place at any time of the year. Learn about the small steps you can take to make a big difference in your financial health and planning for the future.

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The SCRA Can Save Military Families Thousands. Why Don’t More People Know About It?

SCRA provisions were enacted to protect military families from financial hardships that can arise due to military service. So, what exactly is SCRA? Find out in this overview.

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Webinar: Making the Most of Your Childcare Flexible Spending Account Benefits

Jennifer Walker from the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, Military Personnel Policy and JPMorgan Chase & Co’s Michele Godfrey discuss DoD’s DCFSA program, which offers service members the ability to contribute pre-tax income for dependent care expenses.


Webinar: Everything but the kitchen $ink: Hacks for your financial future

Learn how to take control of your financial future from experts at Coast Guard Mutual Assistance, Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), and the Association of Military Banks of America (AMBA).


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